A Guide To Your Income Protection Plan

For Partners HealthCare

Finishing & Non-Finishing Residents & Fellows

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Ohio National is offering you the chance to purchase a high end individual disability income plan through a program specifically for residents and fellows of Partners Healthcare. Take a few minutes to learn more about this valuable benefit. You will see how easy it is to help protect your income should you become sick or hurt and unable to work. This is an individual disability policy that you can take with you if you leave Partners or move out of state.

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Finishing and Non-Finishing Residents & Fellows have two benefit choices

You have the choice to obtain a $5,000/month benefit with an additional purchase option (GPI) of $10,000/month (making it a $15,000/mo. plan in the future). The second option is a plan that gives you $2,500/mo. of initial coverage, with the option to add $7,500/mo. (this option can grow into a $10,000/mo. plan). When increasing your benefit in the future, you only need proof of income, you do not need to go through health underwriting.

When Can You Apply?

Finishing Residents & Fellows

If you have completed your long journey and are now becoming an attending physician you can apply up to 60 days prior to and 30 days following completion. You have the opportunity to apply for either initial benefit option or submit your offer letter, along with your application, to go above the starting base amounts. Please contact the Enrollment Team to discuss your specific options.

Non-Finishing Residents & Fellows

If you are in the middle of your residency or fellowship then you will have a targeted enrollment window to apply.

Open enrollment window for Non-Finishing Residents and Fellows:

October 1st - December 31st

Details of the Plan Options

You have the choice of applying for Benefit A or Benefit B.

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*We will coordinate with other in force benefits and not exceed our issue/participation limits.
**The product being offered to the employee along with contract provisions and optional benefit rider availability may vary by state.
If a policy is issued, terms of the policy will control. Optional benefit riders are available at additional cost.


How much will my plan cost?

This will vary depending on your age, medical specialty, tobacco use, and whether you choose a level premium or an annual renewable premium structure (Graded Premium). The Graded Premium starts off less expensive but will increase each year as you get older. You do have the option to convert to a level premium after your third policy anniversary.

In addition, if you choose to add the catastrophic rider benefit (CAT) of $10,000/mo. then that will also affect your pricing.  For more details on what your plan may cost, please get in touch with the Enrollment Team at ResidentGsi@financialguide.com or set up a call with Steve Johnson by clicking the calendar link above.

What if I have questions about how to fill out the application?

Please get in touch with the Enrollment Team and your dedicated lead financial planner, Steve Johnson, CFP®. We can help you with your application to ensure it gets filled out correctly. There is also a Sample Tutorial Application

Enrollment Team: ResidentGsi@financialguide.com

Steve Johnson, CFP®: SteveJohnson@financialguide.com

How do I apply?

Please visit the Application Tab at the top of the page or you can Click Here.

Where do I send my completed application?

Please email your application to ResidentGsi@financialguide.com and to Steve Johnson, CFP®: SteveJohnson@financialguide.com
You can also fax your application to our dedicated eFax line at 617-608-1666.

What are the next steps if I want to apply?

  • Complete the application and required forms.

  • Review and verify the pre-filled information. If any changes are necessary, correct the information and initial the change.

  • Complete the section/questions that are not pre-filled.

  • Sign and date the Mutual Agreement and Authorization sections of the application.

  • Complete, sign and date all other required forms.

Don’t forget to: 

  • Avoid using white-out and highlighters.

  • Initial any cross-outs or changes.

  • Double-check all signature pages to ensure they’ve been signed and dated.



Does this plan have Own Occupation as a definition of disability (Own Occ)?

YES! Please click here for more information.

What if I already have disability coverage?

That is fine. Let’s review your coverage to ensure it is the best plan for you now and in the future. We can assess if it makes sense to keep your coverage in place or to replace it with this plan. You will also need this information for Section 4 of the application.

Why would I buy this coverage if I already have a plan in place?

You’ve made an investment in yourself. And if you are like most young medical professionals, you are looking forward to having that investment pay off. But what would happen if you became too sick or hurt to work? Since you are just getting your career started, your ability to generate an income may be considered your most important asset. Individual disability income insurance is a personal protection solution available to you that can help you replace a portion of your income should you become too sick or hurt to work. It is worth evaluating what is protecting your most important asset, your income. This plan is also portable and will go with you even if you leave Massachusetts or leave Partners.

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How much disability coverage should I have?

Disability insurance is meant to protect you from the financial burden of losing your income in the event of an illness or injury. Think of it has income replacement. One of the most important things to account for when deciding how much disability insurance you need is what your day-to-day expenses look like. Everyone has financial obligations, such as paying for a mortgage or rent, paying off student loans or car loans, or medical bills. Failing to pay these could result in losing your property, hurting your credit score, or accumulating unmanageable amounts of interest.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact The Enrollment Team at ResidentGsi@financialguide.com.

If I want to meet with an advisor in person to review this information,
who do I contact?

Please email Steve Johnson, CFP® at SteveJohnson@financialguide.com or by calling 617-526-9354 to schedule a time.